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Pet Door Installation

Measure your pet for a pet door

It is important to make sure the pet door is the proper size. A door that is too small can cause hair loss or other injuries. A door that is to big could be a problem for small pets trying to open it. However be aware before measuring that your pet is not fully grown, they will get bigger.

Measure your pet's width across the widest point. Then measure your pet's height from the floor to their withers/top of shoulders.

Figure out how wide the door should be.

When selecting a pet door, be sure the flap width is at least as wide as your pet.

                          Cutting the Hole in the Door:

Test Cut: Before you cut into the actual door, It is highly recommended  to use the measurements to cut an opening in a piece of corrugated cardboard and see if your pet can comfortably walk through it. Tweak the dimensions as necessary. At first, your pet may be a little apprehensive about going through the door. You can coax him through it by putting his favourite food on the other side - that will do the job. After that, your pet will quickly learn how to go through it.

  • Cut the Door: Once you've determined the correct size for your dog/Cat cut the hole in the door and insert the pet door.
  • Mark the bolt holes: Use a torpedo level or tape measure to position the frame, then tape it in place. Mark the holes with a pencil, then remove the frame and drill the bolt holes through the door.
  • Assemble the door: Insert the inner frame with the flap into the opening on the interior face of the door. Hold the door in place and insert screws. Tighten the screws until snug. Do not over-tighten.

Train your pet to use their new pet door . Show your pet the door and gently nudge him or her through.  Be patient, Your pet will love its newfound freedom.

A note of warning however if the animal is a very large one the door could be big enough for a smallish burglar - so it is recommended to use the doors that are opened with a tag which is worn around the neck of the animal on a collar.  

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