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 Doors Types

  • Panel Door - consists of wood panels held in place by wood stiles and rails  panels and can be made from solid wood, plywood, metal or glass. 
  • Solid Core Door - consists of a solid lumber core, compressed wood fiber core, or rigid foam board laminated to plywood or metal facing. Example shown below.
  • Hollow Metal Insulated Door - consists of shop fabricated and welded sheet metal. Mineral or cement board (fire resistant or rigid foam  board/insulation) is usually added as a core.
  • Hollow Core Wood Door - consists of a plywood or press board face and a honeycomb wood or paper interior core; hollow core wood doors are usually for interior use only.
  • Trapdoor - is a door which is oriented horizontally on a floor, and often accessed by a ladder.
  • Stable Door - is a door which divided in half-horizontally. The top half is opened in order to allow the horse to be fed, and the bottom half is closed in order to keep the animal inside.
  • Blind Door - is a door which is not actually a door, just a part of the wall that looks like a door, for decoration.
  • Up & Over Door - usually used in garages. This door can be lifted to horizontal opening.
  • French Door - is a door which has multiple lights, and is the full length of a regular door.
  • Garden Door - is a door which is opens to a garden or backyard. usually as double French Doors.
  • Pet Door - is a door which allows pets to enter and exit the house without the whole door opening.  As it is possible for burglars to enter some bigger pet doors, today you can find doors for exit only, and electronical pet doors which allow only pets with special tags to enter and exit.


  •  Automatic Doors - are smart electronical doors which opened and close automaticaly.  

          There are three types of automatic doors :

·         Sensor powered doors, which are activated by a pressure sensor which feels when a person is getting close to the door by weight sensors on the floors, or by a infra-red sensor which is opened every time there is something between the infra red sensors, or by a motion sensor which is open the door whenever there is a motion in front of the door and might be by a electronic sensor which is working on radio waves.

·         Switch operated Doors, which are manually operated, when a person pushes a button to open the door, such as after a security check, the guard will open the door so you can enter.

·         Pressure detection, the door is opened when the door detects  pressure on the door.


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