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Residential doors doors for home

 How to choose a door for your entrance

There are so many types of doors that you would be surprised, I am sure you will say "hey, I know this door type, but I didn't know that this is the correct name for it, it's OK, we all do

It may be rotating mostly vertical , or sliding mostly horizontal. Sometimes rotating on axis, sometimes two at once, and even opening inward (like in a train).

Every kind of door has a specific name, depending on its purpose.
The most common door we all know, is the single door which is higher than it is wide, opens and closes forwards and backwards, but there are many variations on this basic design, and many more different types.

interior doors       Exterior Door       Entry Doors

Exterior DoorsThis include's any door such as the main doors in the house in the front or the back, the patio, etc. This one usually leads from the outside into your home. Exterior doors are more heavy duty than interior doors, and usually have a sturdy lock system. The exterior door should be weatherproof and painted or stained with a quality product to help it last. 

Interior Door: This includes the French doors and any simple room door. They are lighter and usually plainer than an exterior door. The example is the French door, which has a glass middle, usually with ornate decoration.

Utility Door: This includes the group of special purpose doors including the sliding patio door, the patio, and the glass shower door. Another major category of utility doors is the cabinet door. Due to their specific function, these  should be inspected with regularity to ensure their workability. 

How to choose the one that is suitable for my needs
Well, there is no right and wrong in choosing a door, but go to  other people's houses and check out what they have used.  You should also get professional advice from a specialist to learn which one is suitable for the place you need it to be. 

Security Doors for your home

The back and front doors to your home should be built of solid hard wood at least 1 3/4" thick or be of a metal wrapped construction. They should fit tightly into the frame with no more than 1/8" clearance between the door and the frame to prevent attempts to jemmy the door open and fitted with good secure door locks.  Not only will this give you   security but it will also help to prevent drafts thus cutting down heating costs.  

Use these ideas

Doors constructed with a solid core feel like a solid wood door because the solid core supports the entire door, therefore providing a stable surface. 

A Solid Core Door is safer then an ordinary wooden door and also keeps out noise, therefore it is a good choice for your home as a the main door at the front or even at the back of the house as a garden door with a pet door.  If you are going to fit it at the front of the house use can fix to it a fancy door knocker or an electronic door bell and mail box.  

Automatic doors are usually used situated in department stores or supermarkets so that customers who have their hands full with shopping bags can easily pass though them and therefore dont have to use their hands.   A garage door can also be an automatic door which can be opened by a remote control and can open upwards or sidewards and after the car enters the garage it is programmed to close by itself by a sensor control 

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