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Security Doors

Built to provide protection for your family when strangers approach your door
Conserves energy as a storm door in winter and as a screen door in summer, while you remain confident your family and home are safe from intruders
A Security Doors Include:   
  • 1" x 2" or 1" x 3" door construction with mitered corners
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" exterior frame with mitered corners
  • U. V. resistant polyethylene coated foam weather strip
  • 1" x 7/16" powder coated screen frames, with insect screen
  • Kwickset Double Deadbolt
  • Kwickset Lever Handle
  • Wall bumper or door chain
  • spy hole  

Door chain

By installing a door chain, you are allowing the door to be partially opened to see who is calling at the door. This allows protection against unwanted callers who may try to enter your premises. A chain attached to the door hooks into a slot on the doorframe when the door is closed. The only way to release the chain is by closing the door and unhooking it.

The strength is dependent on the anchorage of the kit to the door and frame. There are a number of door chain kits available: a simple chain, a chain which can be unlocked from outside with a key, a chain combined with a sliding bolt, and a chain with an in-built alarm which is triggered when someone tries to enter. Use the longest, heavy gauged screws possible to aid increased security.

Spy hole viewer

The fitting of a spy hole allows the home occupier to look out without the person outside looking in. The fitting incorporates a simple lens system, which offers a wide angled view of the surrounding outside area. It is particularly useful in conjunction with a porch light, to enable clearer vision when it is dark.

a spy hole should be fitted so that all members of the household can use the facility. Drill a hole for the spy hole, and, by holding a spare block of wood on the other side of the door, you will stop any splintering of wood as the drill bit passes through.

If you have installed a dog or cat flap make sure it is not a way in for burglars as well as your pet. It is surprising how a small pet flap can be vulnerable, burglars come in all sizes! I would recommend that you do away with any pet flap that you may have fitted, the small inconvenience this will course will be more than made up for by the added security you will achieve.

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