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How to Fix a Door That Won't Latch


A door should close and latch with a gentle push or pull.

If you need to slam it or if it won't latch at all, figure out the cause and the solution is


A loose top hinge or house settling can cause a vertical misalignment between the latch and the strike plate - make sure screws are tight and look for an uneven gap across the top of the closed door

The strike plate or the stop molding may simply have been installed improperly

You don't have to put up with these annoying problems. Here are a few very simple fixes

The door may be warped so the top or bottom touches the stop before the latch can engage - close the door and see if it engages the stop molding evenly.

Newly installed weatherstripping may be preventing the door from closing as fully as it once did  


How to mend it?

Adjust the Doorstop: If the door hits the stop molding before the latch bolt has engaged the hole in the strike plate, tap the stop in, as shown. This works better with stained doors than painted ones, which don't move as easily because the paint glues the joint


Or you can

Secure Top Hinge: Tighten any lose hinge screws. If the hole is stripped and the screw won't tighten, remove the screw and drill a deeper pilot hole for a new 3-in. screw that will extend into the framing behind the jamb. Also use this approach if the screws are tight but you still need to raise the handle side of the door so the latch will engage. As you overtighten the long screw in the top hinge, it tends to draw the jamb in and simultaneously raise the handle side of the door


Or you can

Move the Doorstop: If a minor adjustment doesn't solve the problem, remove the stop molding at the latch jamb and, if necessary, on the head jamb, too. Remove the nails left in the molding from the backside (so you won't damage the face) using nippers or locking pliers. Pull or drive in any nails left in the jamb. To reinstall the molding: Close the door and let the latch bolt engage, place the stop in position and press it lightly against the door, and install new 4d finishing nails in new locations. Set the nails, fill the holes, and touch up the finish


Or you can

Enlarge the Strike Opening: Depending on the type of strike plate you have, you may also be able to enlarge the opening in the strike plate with a smooth-cut metal file. This approach eliminates any need to putty and paint. Remove the strike plate and lock it in a vise to file it

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